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Iberia Soccer Association's COMPETITIVE Soccer Program's purpose is to provide our players an avenue through practices, friendlies, LSA League Games and Tournaments for:


1.  Further technical and tactical development.

2.  More competition.

3.  Opportunity to represent ISA Statewide. 


Any Questions Contact:

ISA Competitive Coordinator

Glen Gary



Interested PLAYERS and COACHES need to email

Glen Gary (ISA Competitive Coordinator) @ grgary@cox.net by MAY 31st.                          


ISA Competitive Teams can play in LSA leagues and/or Tournaments during the Fall and Spring seasons.  

Being on a ISA competitive team involves more time, money and dedication than playing on a ISA Rec team.



Select the “Competitive” tab under the “Soccer For All” tab for more information.

The ISA Competitive Program Policy needs to be your first stop to answer any questions.


Competitive Ages:

U11 (born in 2009) to U19 (born in 2001)


ISA will setup tryouts on Saturday, June 8th  if we have enough interest:

U11-12 teams need at least 12 rostered players.

U13 and above need at least 16 rostered players.



ISA Tryout Process:

1) ISA will email/post asking for responses from players and coaches about interest in playing/coaching competitive.


2) ISA will determine if there are enough players to schedule tryouts.


3) After tryouts, ISA will determine if we have enough quality players (U11/12:  12 players, U13+: 16 players) to form teams.


4) ISA will then select coaches and form teams.


5) ISA will then schedule the 1st team meeting and ISA will go over the ISA Competitive policy.


6) Coaches/players/parents are required to follow the ISA Competitive policy.



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